I've built these things professionally

  • At Unqork, I'm currently steering the ship of product management, where I’m all about crafting a team as innovative as the no-code products we're bringing to the business world.
  • I took Slack's Workflow Builder to the next level, creating a user-friendly canvas where complex tasks become simple drag-and-drop actions. My goal was to make automation accessible to anyone, no matter their technical skill.
    Acquired by Salesforce in 2021
  • I created the low-code automation tool, Workday Orchestrate. Orchestrate allows anyone to create and execute real-time, event-driven processes and tasks without having to learn the conductor's hand movements.
  • I created sales tools to drive intelligent insights at Pattern. At Pattern, we worked to perfect the user experience of knowledge collaboration for teams. By integrating email, calendar, and CRM we built a relationship graph that spanned across millions of people and companies.
    Acquired by Workday in 2017
  • I worked on the UX team for Google Calendar. We wanted to help you make your time count, not just count your time, intuitively syncing with the rhythm of your day.
  • At Wildfire, I worked on a tool called Page Manager, a visual website builder for companies to create rich experiences like sweepstakes on their social media properties. Page Manager was my first experience in the no-code space, created before no-code was a commonly used phrase.
    Acquired by Google in 2012